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Trailer and assets for canceled Ubisoft shooter leak, look shockingly awesome


Sometimes, when a game gets canned, there's a clear, easily understandable reason behind it. Typically, that reason involves the game's quality, which usually ranges from "awful" to "didn't we fire you months ago?"

Other times, you can't help but gaze upon the fallen remains of a project and wonder what could have been. Here's a hint, though: it would have involved a futuristic London and giant robot rodeos. Check it out after the break.

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Obviously, the footage is pre-rendered, but even then, it looks wicked fun. Apparently, it takes place in London circa 2032, with humans and robots living together and getting along about as well as they usually do in videogames.

Unfortunately, the game was unceremoniously tossed into the scrap heap before Ubisoft Montpellier even had a chance to name it. So long, untitled game. We hardly knew ye - like, at all. But you had robots, explosions, and a neat mock-up trailer. If that doesn't make you too good for this world, we don't know what does.

Thanks, superannuation and D'Toid.

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