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Torchlight 2, La-Mulana, Outlast featured in latest Humble Bundle

Humble Indie Bundle 14 is here and packs in some excellent games.


It's been a while since we had a core Humble Indie Bundle release. The flagship series of bundles are always cross-platform (Linux, Mac and PC), with DRM-free options available as well as Steam keys.

This time, pay what you want for Pixel Piracy, UnEpic and Super Splatters.

Pay more than the average - $6.03 at time of writing - to also receive Outlast, Torchlight 2, La-Mulana, 140, MirrorMoon EP and Contraption Maker.

Pony up $10 or more and you'll also receive Shadow Warrior Special Edition.

Soundtracks for some of the games are available depending on which tier you go for. If you want to shell out $40, you can grab a t-shirt, bandana and embroidered patch.

As ever, you decide how the money is split between developers, organisers and charity. This time, the EFF and Child's Play are the charitable beneficiaries.

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