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Tomb Raider issue #1, new entries in Halo: Escalation, Mass Effect: Foundation available for pre-order

Tomb Raider issue #1 will be here before you know it, and releasing on the same day as the Gail Simone-penned work, are Halo: Escalation #3 and Mass Effect: Foundation #8 - all from Dark Horse.

tomb raider no 1

Tomb Raider #1 picks up where the events of the 2013 game left off, and as previously reported last year, may lead into the sequel.

In Halo: Escalation #3, Commander Palmer decides to confront the person who betrayed her team, all the while the Covenant grows ever closer to the team's position. In order to save the peace delegation from the coming attack, Lasky must make a costly sacrifice.

Mass Effect: Foundation #8 finds Cerberus agent Rasa dealing with the failure of her most recent mission; however, the Illusive Man is offering the opportunity to redeem herself - but at what cost? Will she find "absolution or damnation" at the hands of Thane Krios the assassin? Read to find out.

All comic books are available for pre-order now through Things From Another World, which offers 20% off the release price. Just click the links.

Tom Raider #1, Halo: Escalation #3, and Mass Effect: Foundation #8 release on February 26.

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