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TIGA wants to nurture UK's Indie developers and promote education


Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, has said that he welcomes the lessening of restrictions on Indie developers and feels small companies like this need to be nurtured.

The game-development trade association recently made it easier for smaller groups to join, and Wilson says each need a helping hand due to expense restraints.

"It is much more expensive and it requires many more people to develop a video game today in comparison with 20 years ago," he said. "At the same time relatively small teams can now develop flash games or games for mobiles and be very successful.

"It is crucial that we nurture small start-up businesses, which is why Tiga made the strategic decision to welcome small developers into our membership."

He also says that higher education will play a big part in the industry, and the government needs to step up to the plate in order for it to compete with global markets.

"UK higher education has an excellent record and broadly speaking we are second only to the US in terms of the quality. However we don’t spend enough on higher education, the UK currently spends about 1% of GDP, whereas the US spends 2.9%.

"Unless higher education is properly funded UK game developers and businesses in general will find it hard to recruit good quality staff."

More over on IGN.

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