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THQ: inSane trilogy will only happen if the first entry in the series works

THQ is planning on Guillermo del Toro's inSane being trilogy, but is being realistic when it says it will only happen if the first entry in the series works.

Speaking at GDC, THQ's Danny Bilson said: "We have aspirations to make a trilogy. If the first game doesn't work, there won't be a trilogy. It's not complicated."

While the statement may sound obvious to laypersons like us, Bilson used Hollywood films as an uncomplicated example on how the whole trilogy thing works out.

"If Avatar had been a flop then there wouldn't be two more sequels," he said. "And if the first Matrix wasn't a success there wouldn't be two more sequels. We have to succeed on the first one, and then we have to succeed on the second one, and then you can make the third one.

"It's not really that arrogant, if you will, to plan a trilogy because we're very realistic."

However, unlike Hollywood, Bilson noted, "We can't make two at once."

"It doesn't cost that much to plan, right?" added Volition president Mike Kulas. "We're not building a bunch of assets for the future games."

Kulas figured that "a couple percent of the total budget of the second game will be spent," before the firm has a "better idea of how the first one's shaping up."

The first installment of inSane is slated for 2013, and should all go according to plan, the full franchise is expected to last around 10 years.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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