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"Thousands" of PSN accounts in the UK have been banned because of an issue with PayPal

Someone done goofed.


PlayStation UK's support account on Twitter has been flooded with complaints after a PayPal issue has resulted in mass account bans.

Speaking to Kotaku, an internal source at PayPal divulged that "thousands" of accounts have been affected in the UK. The error has caused PSN user accounts to go into debt, and subsequently be banned.

"The payments that were charged back to Paypal were coming up from a while back in June, the 11th, the 15th, stuff like that," said the source.

"I saw a Paypal statement from someone [which] said 'This error is on Sony's end and is to do with them closing or somehow limiting their GDP account, meaning that the funds didn't credit the accounts.'

"That doesn't seem to fly because why would it take at least two weeks for those payments to clear? Oh well, it's a massive mess anyway."

PlayStation UK support is aware of the issue and say they are looking into it, and it seems that the issue is being fixed for some people already.

The American PlayStation support account is receiving similar complaints which isn't great news.

If you've been affected, keep an eye out for emails from PayPal and Sony, or tweet your region's PS support for further instructions.

So far, all we know for sure is that Sony is speaking to PayPal to resolve the situation.

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