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There's an Easter egg hidden in the Nintendo Switch UI, here's how to trigger it

Who says unlock screens can't be fun?

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When using the Nintendo Switch in handheld (portable) mode, the console acts a bit like a phone or tablet. The lock screen is part of this, and though it functions similarly to others on iOS or Android, it's also got the Nintendo touch.

There's a bit of an Easter egg in here. Any of the buttons you press to unlock the screen make a standard sound, but only four of them play some cool and different sounds when pressed. You'd hear these if you clicked the left or right stick, the ZL, and the ZR button, and it's different for each one.

The famous click sound seen in all Switch trailers is also real, and your own console will sound like that when you connect the Joy-Con controllers to the tablet. You can see all of this and more in the video above from Alex.

The Nintendo Switch is out starting March 3.

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