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The War Z available now on Steam

The War Z only went into beta a few weeks ago but the horror survival MMO has already attracted 600,000 registered players and made its way to Steam.

The client launched on Steam is called the Foundation Release, and while it's not clear if it's a "finished" version, it has a complete map and all expected core gameplay in place. As the name suggests Hammerpoint intends to keep building new content and features.

Despite its shaky alpha and very brief beta, Hammerpoint claims the MMO has 150,000 daily players, and hopes launching through Steam will only add to The War Z's popularity.

“The Steam platform gives us the ability to reach a huge audience of PC gamers and working with [Steam's] team has been great,” executive producer Sergey Titov said.

The War Z is available in three different Steam bundles which include varying amounts of in-game currency. They range in price from $15 to $50, but all three are 10% off to celebrate launch.

If you already own the game, a forum post spotted by PC Gamer explains you'll be able to re-download it for your Steam library at no additional cost, and that the game's credit system will support Steam Wallet.

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