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The Video Games BAFTA awards now open for public to attend

The next BAFTA games awards will be open for the public to attend, it has been announced. The event will now be closer to a consumer show, the aim being to "showcase the talent and excellence of our industry to a whole new passionate gamer audience.

The next British Academy Games Awards take place on March 12 next year, and will move to the Tobacco Dock London venue. Comedian Dara O'Briain will return for the sixth time as host.

He said, "I am delighted to return for my 6th year as host of the BAFTA Games Awards. This year the awards move into a new venue and a new level, to celebrate an industry which has quietly taken its place as the largest entertainment industry in the world.

"It's a pleasure then, once a year, to loudly sing the praises of the talented teams, many of them UK-based, who bring such excitement, story and spectacle to our phones, our computers and into our homes. I'd tell you more, but frankly, these zombies aren't going to kill themselves."

Thanks, MCV.

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