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The many ways you can customise your Nintendo Switch avatar and Mii profile - video

The Miis are not dead, find out how the Nintendo Switch is going to treat them.

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The Nintendo Switch doesn't rely on Miis as the only means of making a profile and navigating the system. Miis will still carry over, though.

The video above from Alex shows where in the console's UI you'll find your old Mii character, and the customisation options available.

This video also gives you a good look at the available profile icons, and much more.

Some of the more interesting options include the ability to change the background for each avatar, which brings a bit of personality to each of them. Outside of the standard options, you can also mix and match through the Create My Own menu.

As for Miis, although the Miiverse does not return, you'll be able to use your existing Mii as a profile picture, or create a new one.

The Nintendo Switch is out starting March 3.

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