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The Iron Tower and veteran rewards program annouced for Age of Conan


Looks like a new level 80 dungeon, the Iron Tower, and a veteran rewards program is heading to Age of Conan.

This bit of good news was revealed in the latest director's letter on the official site.

The veteran rewards program uses "veteran points" - instead of a reward per-month interval system - with monthly points that can either be saved or spent via a new veteran reward shop. One of these rewards is an item that summons Casilda, the slave from the tutorial whose boobs shake, to "cheer you on as you fight things".

As far as the new dungeon is concerned, the Iron Tower is a team effort that is loaded to the gills with Aquilonia criminals, five different bosses, four mini-bosses, and possibly a rare boss.

Good to know that more stuff is headed Hyboria's way.

Thanks, Massively.

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