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The Home Alone house is up for sale, traps not included

Though it barely resembles the original thing anymore.

Home Alone house
Image credit: NBC Chicago

Chances are you're a big fan of Home Alone (at least the first movie), but don't have pockets deep enough to buy the huge house featured in the movie. However, we're sure a big film aficionado with a few extra millions lying around will jump on it.

Via Deadline, we've learned the iconic house from the first movie, located in Winnetka, Illinois, has hit the market yet again. Back in 2012, it was sold for $1.585 million. Now, it's gone up to $5.250, though it remains to be seen whether that price will have to go down. Regardless, that's the North American housing market for you right now.

If you check out the latest pictures of the property, you'll quickly realize the Winnetka home has changed over the years. In fact, it was fully renovated and expanded in 2018. But of course "the owners kept the front of the stately brick crib exactly the same as depicted in the 1990 film." It's a five-bedroom, six-bathroom house with its own movie theater and a sports court, so even putting its Hollywood fame aside, it's a pretty impressive house. If you're curious about its current state and the listing, Kathryn Moor and Dawn McKenna of Coldwell Banker Realty hold the listing.

Deadline also reports that, last December, "the lux townhouse featured in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York went on sale for a mere $6.7 million." Given its Manhattan location and history, that one doesn't sound unreasonably expensive, but still, such numbers are outside the grasp of the average person/family.

USA Today has even more details and photos of the interior, which has been completely changed and amped up with modern luxuries. Of course, the future owner should be warned that lots of people will be making a trip to the house during Christmas, so privacy might be an issue even if rabid Home Alone fans stay outside in the street. The funniest outcome would be someone trying to break in only to be greeted by DIY traps.

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