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The creators of Dream Daddy announce 80s-inspired horror game, Homebody

Rogue Games and Game Grumps have teamed up to create a narrative-driven slasher.

Game Grumps are bringing players another game, and this time, they've teamed up with Rogue Games to create Homebody. Homebody is a narrative-driven horror game that leans heavily on tropes from classic slasher films of the eighties, and it's up to you to help the protagonist, Emily, avoid an unfortunate fate.

As a psychological horror game, Homebody is rather different from Game Grumps' prior adventure with Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, which is exactly as it sounds (although, a lot more wholesome than you might expect). Jory Griffis, Homebody's game director at Game Grumps, shared "We're obsessed with horror games, so when coming off of Dream Daddy, it was a natural shift to explore the horror genre."

Jory Griffis also explains "We were excited to retain the narrative and storytelling values we learned making Dream Daddy and put them to use in a game with a totally different tone and ambitious new mechanics." Dream Daddy unfolded as a visual novel of sorts, so it's likely we can expect similar elements from Homebody, although it does appear that the game will feature free movement and some open roaming.

Homebody, inspired by slashers of the eighties, also has a PS2 feel to it.

Homebody will follow Emily as you delve into the secrets of her past and help her try to navigate her way to freedom from the killer that is hunting her. You must avoid the killer, solve various puzzles, and make impactful dialogue decisions. Additionally, Homebody will also feature a responsive AI enemy system; this, in combination with impactful decision-making, is expected to make each gameplay experience unique from the one before it.

According to Rogue Games' chief strategy officer, Chris Archer, Homebody can be expected to arrive later this year. It's certainly a different direction for Game Grumps, but what do you think?

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