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The best Zelda movie has already been made

From Studio Ghibli to Star Wars, the tropes Zelda draws from can be found everywhere.

The Zelda games are a patchwork of influences from the wider world of fantasy. Its most obvious inspiration is Studio Ghibli, particularly Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. And there's more than a little Peter Pan in there too.

There's arguably already a bunch of Zelda movies.Watch on YouTube

Given that The Legend of Zelda is already heavily inspired by film, does it even have anything to meaningfully contribute to that medium? It's not a million miles away from the Uncharted issue: Uncharted is, essentially, Indiana Jones in game form. It wears that influence on its sleeve, and it works beautifully as a leaping off point for the games. But when Uncharted becomes a movie, it's basically just an Indiana Jones clone. And a second-rate one at that.

So, can Zelda make the transition to the big screen without becoming a pale shadow of other, better fantasy films? Or is it possible that director Wes Ball and producers Avi Arad and Shigeru Miyamoto can make something truly great? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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