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The Astronauts: ex-Bulletstorm devs re-iterate January tease

The Astronauts - a new studio comprised of ex-People can Fly developers - has published a new studio blog that re-iterates its plans to launch its new IP on January. There's even a photo from the studio's first holiday p**s-up. Lovely stuff. Get the details below.

The blog comes after The Astronauts co-founder Adrian Chmielarz teased a reveal on Twitter this time last week.

The blog post states that the teaser material is almost done, "The founders of The Astronauts have more than 50 years of collective experience in game development. That’s why when we said we would reveal our game this year, we knew what we were talking about.

"Except not really, because the reveal will happen early next year.

"To be honest, we will be ready with the teaser material in just a few days, but we have realized it would make no sense to talk about the game during the holidays. It’s time for the family and getting fat and/or drunk. Gaming news can wait."

It can indeed. So stay tuned in January for their reveal. Oh, and it's not a shooter by the way.

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