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TGS: "Riled" Schappert goes on offensive against "innovation criticism"

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Xbox Live boss John Schappert has reacted sternly to accusations that Microsoft is a follower as opposed to a leader in the console innovation space, saying he finds the notion "ironic" and that he gets "riled" by the idea.

"The innovation criticism is almost ironic to me," he told Eurogamer. "You've got the Xbox, which is the console that pioneered hard drives, broadband gaming, online gaming, Achievements and gamercards.

"It's the console that arguably pioneered first-person shooters in your living room, wireless controllers... I could go on.

"I think we've earned our chops in terms of innovation. The games division has some brilliant people who have done amazing things, and who have shaped the industry forever. I think we've done a great job of innovating and we continue to lead."

And don't say Avatars are ripped off Miis, for God's sake.

"With respect to Avatars - Miis are wonderful," he added. "Nintendo has done great things.

"But Avatars are just a logical extension of what we've had already. We've had a gamercard and a gamer pic; I want to take that to the next level. Now we've got Live parties, we launched the first video store...

"So I get a little riled there. I think we've done some great things for the industry and for gamers."

Plenty more through there.

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