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Tetris Axis shakes up a classic on 3DS

There's no shortage of releases of gaming classic Tetris out there - but the new 3DS title Tetris Axis is actually going a long way to do interesting and unique things with that 27-year-old formula.

A newly-released trailer for Tetris Axis reveals a bunch of crazy new modes including Bombliss Plus, Jigsaw, Shadow Wide, Tower Climber, Fit and Stage Racer Plus to name a few. These aren't just crazy names - they're actually almost entirely new game modes that slot iconic Tetris pieces and ideas into new types of games.

In addition to all that there is, of course, classic, old-school Tetris as well - if that's what you prefer. These new modes should go a long way to making another cartridge-based Tetris release worthwhile, as this is a full game and not a download.

Check out the trailer and see some of the modes for yourself below. Thanks, Joystiq.

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