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Tank! Tank! Tank! headlines EU Nintendo downloads this week

Tank! Tank! Tank! releases on the Nintendo eShop this week, and it will be a free download for both North America and Europe. Today, however, we are focusing on items available for the later, so North American users can expect their usual update later in the week. Tank! Tank! Tank! players can also download some DLC for the title which will be 80% until February 28. Your full European Nintendo eShop update is below.


  • Tank! Tank! Tank! - Wii U (Free)
  • Tank! Tank! Tank! DLC - Wii U -80% until February 28 (€1.99 was €9.99) (£1.59 was £7.99) - Transform into massive monster in My Kong mode ; unlock six new levels, including the Industrial Complex where you and your friends can battle together; fight the Griffon or Kraken in Monster Battle mode; or fight alone in Story Mission mode Purchasing any of these additional contents removes the daily play restriction from the Basic Pack. Nine other add-on modes are also available, priced from €1.99 to €9.99.
  • Chasing Aurora - Wii U -25% until February 21 (€8.99 was €11.99) (£7.99 was £10.79)
  • Trine 2: Director's Cut - Wii U - Price reduction (€12.49 was €16.99) (£9.99 was £13.99)
  • Shifting World - 3DS €19.99 (£17.99 UK Only)
  • Mahjong 3D: Warriors of the Emperor - 3DS - €19.99 (£17.99 UK Only)
  • 2 Fast 4 Gnomz Demo - 3DS
  • Castlevania - 3DS - €4.99 (£4.49 UK Only)

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