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Take-Two: Used game market is "interesting" and "something we should participate in"


Take-Two CEO Ben Feder told attendees at the G7 Think Equity conference last week the used game market is "interesting" and something developers should take part in.

When asked if Take-Two has considered implementing a service similar to EA's Online Pass program, Feder said Take-Two doesn't discuss what's going on at the firm internally, but offered that developers should participate in products it brings to the marketplace; otherwise, he had no comment on the matter.

"Look, the used game market is protected by US law under the First Sale Doctrine," he said. "We do believe that developers should participate in some way in the product they create, but it's a protected environment. I know there was some... not legislation, but additional news that came out over the last few days.. but I think it's too early to tell what impact that will have.

"We try to announce results and what the company's actually doing. We don't discuss what goes on internally. For sure, we think the used game market is large, it's an interesting market and something we should participate in. Beyond that I don't have much more to comment."

The US Law Feder mentioned was recently in the spotlight when Autodesk prevented a US man from selling his used copy of the firm's AutoCad software - which is used by many engineering and design firms. The court ruled in the company's favor, stating the defendant could not sell the used copy, setting a possible precedence for used games software sales in the US (via Gamasutra).

EA's Online Pass initiative has been commented upon by both THQ and Ubisoft in the past as something to consider, and Sony’s looking into its own variation as well.

Via CVG.

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