Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion

MGO update ends in disaster

Dear Konami: sort it out. The delivery of MGO update Gene Expansion, has ended in yet another online calamity, with users paying for content and not receiving it, and the closure of Konami’s MGO servers due to demand. There’s more on Kotaku. Maybe, we dunno, buy some more servers?

Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion headlines

  • MGO expansion due July 17

    Konami said today that the Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion will be available to download from July 17 for €9.99. “The download adds a number of key features to the basic game, including new three new maps,” said the release. “‘Coppertown Conflict’ boasts wide, open streets, ‘Tomb of Tubes’ is a labyrinth of underground passages, […]

  • Metal Gear Online DLC detailed, out now

    According to the game’s official site, the Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion is now available. The update includes new maps, a new “Survival” mode, a new character slot and new weapons. May as well get it, innit.