Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island

Burnout’s Big Surf Island goes live [Update]

Criterion just sent word that the Big Surf Island DLC for Burnour Paradise is now up on Live.It’s 1,000 MS Points, and adds a whole new area to the game, nine new cars, tons of new events and plenty more.Get it here.Update – It’s also on the UK PS Store now.

12 years ago

Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island headlines

  • Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island video gives you a guided tour

    A new Big Surf Island video is posted for you after the jump.The eight minute video gives you am eight minute guided tour of the new Island and shows off loads of new jumps, the Carson Dust Storm vehicle and a whole load of other stuff.Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island is due on PS3 and […]

    12 years ago
  • Qore Episode 10: Burnout, Riddick, LittleBigPlanet, more

    Qore Episode 10 is now up on PSN, and a preview of what you’ll get is posted after the break.This week, the Sony folks get some hands-on time with the upcoming Big Surf Island expansion pack for Burnout Paradise, travel to Sweden to visit Dark Athena creator Starbreeze, and talk Alpha Protocol with Obsidian.A segment […]

    12 years ago