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The Switch Lite is missing the hardware to output video, so don't expect a hack for docking

If you're buying a Switch Lite, you'll only be using it as a handheld - even if you tinker with it.

The video, from Spawn Wave (cheers, VGC), tears open a Switch Lite to see what's inside it. During the process, he makes a few discoveries about the system that will be of interest to many.

The Switch Lite is explicitly a handheld-only device, one that cannot be docked like a regular Switch for TV play. It's a great device, but some players have balked at the absence of a docking option, and have wondered whether it's theoretically possible to run the machine off of a TV with a few hacks.

But as it turns out...nope.

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The video - which gives us a nice look of the innards of the system - digs into what makes the Switch Lite unique. He notes that the battery is smaller than in the regular Switch, but that's to be expected in a smaller system (and the battery life is much better than the base Switch). The board is largely the same, but with a major difference that prevents it from being docked.

About 16 minutes into the video, the question is addressed, and it appears that the hardware required for video output is not part of the board inside the Switch Lite. The required semiconductor is gone, so there's no possibility of a hack down the road that will make the system compatible with the dock. Aw well - there's always the standard Switch for that.

The analog stick is also unchanged, so Joy-Con drift could well affect the unit - time will tell, though. On the other hand, the change in antennae placement could, perhaps, lead to fewer connection issues than the standard Switch has suffered from.

You can currently buy a Switch Lite with a free copy of Link's Awakening.

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