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Survarium players can sally forth into the treacherous ruins of London

A new location has been added Survarium, and it's a ruined, sand-filled London.

According to the description, after failing to stop the Forest from spreading, a company developed a pesticide to kill the encroaching flora. While this helped matters, a negative side-effect of this was a new species of "fast-breeding insects."

The insects ate all the plants, causing a dust bowl effect causing droughts. Eventually, London became an Desert Albion and it was bombarded with cyclones coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is now buried under tons of sand.

You should head over to the official website and have a look at the map and read the full description.

Survarium is set in 2026 after a pandemic destroyed 90% of the population. It is free-to-play and available on PC through Steam Early Access.

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