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"Surreal horror" Here They Lie coming to PS4, PlayStation VR

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"Surreal horror" Here They Lie coming to PlayStation VR

Virtual reality is clearly where the next wave of horror experiences is at, and also probably where multiple members of team VG247 will actually have heart attacks and die.

As if the very PT-looking Resident Evil 7 going PlayStation VR compatible weren't enough to make you s**t your pants, Sony slipped another VR horror announce into the sound and fury of the PlayStation E3 2016 conference: Here They Lie.

Very little is known about he narrative-driven game so far. According to the PlayStation Blog, it hails from a small indie called Tangentlemen, working in collaboration with Sony's Santa Monica team.

"Here They Lie is a dark psychological horror experience that transports you to a terrifying, surreal world inhabited by strange and malevolent creatures," the developer said.

"Unimaginable horrors lurk around every corner, just out of sight, haunting and infecting your mind. Dare yourself to go deeper down the rabbit hole and confront the meaning of your existence."

Expect it in northern autumn on PS4 and PlayStation VR.

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