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Surprise Attack Games launches as new Aussie publisher

Australian games marketing firm Surprise Attack has branched out into publishing, signing three games and promising to stick to its Australian and indie roots.

Described as Australia’s first independent games label, Surprise Attack Games launched today with the announcement of three games: See Through Studios' action puzzler Particulars, which was inspired by sub-atomic particles; Anomalous Interactive's GTA-like survival retelling of The Three Little Pigs, Wolfdozer; and Pixel Pickle Games' Burden, a tower defence affair set on the back of a gigantic beast.

All three will be on show and playable at PAX Australia this weekend. Check out some screenshots for Wolfdozer below, and check out trailers for Burden and Particulars.

In a press release, Surprise Attack Games said it wants to be "a new kind of games publisher, focused on partnering with independent teams in the local game development community". As well as marketing and distribution, the label will help developers secure funding and creative resources.

Founder and managing director Chris Wright said his vision for the new publisher was inspired by indie record labels of the 1980s and 1990s, which fostered creative communities.

Wright founded Surprise Attack in October 2011 as an indie games marketer; since then it has represented titles like Hackycat, Disney Infinity and Run That Town; it has helped launch 11 games and worked with 47 developers; assisted in winning over $1 million in funding for Australian developers; and recently began representing Paradox Interactive locally.

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