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Surge Deluxe heading to Vita in 2014 Futurlab has announced

Futurlab has announced Surge Deluxe will be heading to PlayStation Vita.

Originally released on PlayStation Mobile, Surge is a block-chaining and screen clearing game which becomes more tactical as special blocks get added to the mix. Vents are also used to multiply scores and create massive clearance combos.

With Surge Deluxe, a new combiner block has been added which will allow users to create their own multipliers. The colour requirement on the Multiplier block has also been removed - and ad a matter of fact, the entire game is now color blind friendly.

Also new is the Chain Linker block which allows players to connect different colored chains together; the scoring system has been reworked to reward better players, increase the score spread, and remove any grinding.

PSN Trophies and Leaderboards have been added along with community requested features such as: Puzzle Mode, Best Clearance Score Leaderboard, Unlockable Backgrounds, and a sountrack created by Velocity composer Joris de Man.

Surge Deluxe is slated for an early 2014 release.

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