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Supernova expansion for Armada 2526 expected this spring

Matrix Games has announced it will release an expansion for release Ntronium Games' Armada 2526, called Supernova. Iceberg Interactive will publish it in Europe.

The PC title, released in 2009, will see multiplayer support, all new planets, systems, and extra planetary goods added along with a new trading system. New alien races are expected as well as 50 new bits of technology and of course, more espionage.

“I'm really excited by the release of Supernova," said Bob Smith former Total War man and the managing director of Ntronium Games. "It's a huge expansion with tons of new tech new things to explore, and lots of improvements suggested by fans over the past year.

"In particular, I'm really pleased to have included multiplayer support, as Armada 2526 is one of the few grand strategy games whose system is ideally suited for it."

Armada 2526 Supernova features

  • Two new races to exterminate
  • Various new types of stars and planets
  • Wide selection of special characteristics that star systems may possess
  • New trade system that allows you to build up a trading network
  • New espionage and special operations systems
  • Many new technologies to research
  • Challenge your friends over LAN or by e-mail

The expansion is slated for an April release.

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