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superannuation takes the long walk


Sluething games blog superannuation has announced its closure, thanks to companies wising up to the perils of splatting sensitive information all over LinkedIn.

"As evidenced by the increasingly sporadic posts on this site, it seems the information well has dried up—the trademark registrations, the domain registrations, the Google searches, the LinkedIn profiles, the resumes/CVs, et cetera. I guess it was inevitable that the industry would take note of potential liabilities to their modus operandi, and if anything, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner," said supererogatory, the site's anonymous author.

"The information has become obscure enough that the time investment it takes to comb for the information is far greater than the interest I have for combing for that information. The type of things that I used to be find quite easily were now scattered in bits and pieces across a multitude of places, which greatly increased the time it takes to find these things."

The blog's biggest scoop was probably the existence of Epic Mickey back in July 2009.

The site also outed new Syndicate trademarks.

You can still follow supererogatory on Twitter. Every European needs at least a few Americans facing off long nights of the soul with their follow lists.

Games CV trawling dude without equal: we salute you.

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