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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate v4.0 update adds online tournaments, Spectate mode, more

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate software update has accompanied the release of the character Hero and the Yggdrasil's Altar stage today.

Today's software v4.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has added in-game online tournaments and more.

This allows you to participate in online tournaments with up to 64 players. You can earn rewards based on how you do. There are also plans in place for specially-themed Event Tourneys.

With the release of v4.0, you can now also predict the winner of a match in Spectate mode. If you guess the winner correctly, you can earn "prediction points," which can be traded for in-game items. There isn't a penalty for guessing wrong, but if your prediction is correct, you'll receive the points.

Along with the tournaments and spectator mode, a Very Easy difficulty setting was added to Adventure mode, and the Final Smash gauge now times out.

The update also expands the Edit Video feature. You can now view videos and screenshots of saved matches any time; change movie files; and make movies using a combination of video and screenshots.

The v4.0 update is available to all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. Hero from Dragon Quest 11 S: Heroes of an Elusive Age is part of the Challenger Pack 2 paid DLC. The new DLC also comes with the new stage Yggdrasil's Altar and additional Mii Fighter costumes.

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