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Super Smash Bros. patch nerfs Diddy Kong - report

Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U is great but Diddy Kong is a beast and must be stopped.


The latest Super Smash Bros. 3Ds and Wii U patch seems to have nerfed Diddy Kong, a character so over-powered that serious tournament players generate controversy by choosing to use him.

Nintendo doesn't publish patch notes, but there seems to be no doubt about it. The /r/SmashBros has been compiling a list of changes, and reports the following tweaks to Diddy Kong:

  • Uair nerfed from 8% -> 6%, knockback reduced.
  • Fair nerfed from 12%/10% -> 10%/8%, knockback reduced.
  • Uthrow nerfed from 10% -> 8%, knockback reduced.
  • Dthrow nerfed from 7% -> 6%, knockback unchanged but hitstun reduced.
  • Monkey Flip (kick) nerfed 14%/12% -> 12%/10%, knockback reduced.
  • Monkey Flip (grab) nerfed 12% -> 10%, knockback reduced.
  • Banana (Throw) nerfed from 7% -> 5%

Although it hasn't been confirmed, it's also believed that Diddy Kong's charged Up B attack now has shorter range, and his Side B attack breaks charged shields.

The total effect is to make the character far less overpowered, meaning you may be able to use him without earning the disdain of your peers along with a trampling victory.

Hit up Kotaku for a collection of further commentary from the community on the changes and what they mean, including videos.

Many other characters have been rebalanced, too; go check the community's findings for details.

The patch is also rumoured to have yielded audio files hinting at Street Fighter DLC in the future.

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