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Unused audio files in Super Smash Bros. 3DS feature scrapped or upcoming 8-player mode

Unused audio files contained within Super Smash Bros. 3DS suggest at one time Nintendo considered implementing 8-player mode.

In the YouTube video posted below by shyguytwopoint0, unused audio clips posted on The Sounds Resource contain information for the following modes and features not included in the game.

  • Boss Battle
  • Tourney (Tournament)
  • Yellow Team
  • Event Match
  • Grab the Coins
  • Special Smash
  • The Champion Is
  • 8 Player Smash
  • Choose a Mii

Many are speculating the unused audio could be for upcoming DLC, or it could be scrapped ideas left over from the development process.

Have a listen anyway, and imagine, if you will, what an 8-player mode in Super Smash Bros. would be like. We imagine it would be rather busy.

Credit path from end to start (shew!): NeoGAF, GamerHeadlines, Nintendo Life, Eurogamer.

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