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Super Nintendo Classic Mini has a great rewind feature

Nintendo has announced a very useful feature that you'll be seeing in the Super Nintendo Classic Mini.

Simply called rewind, the feature allows players to rewind the game to retry a section, take a different route, or do anything else that benefits from being able to go back in time.

Much like the rewind in games like Forza and Gird, this feature lets you start over without losing your progress. The Classic Mini consoles already support save states, to bring classic games to modern standards, but this is a genuinely innovative addition.

The rewind time depends on the game, Nintendo said. Something like Super Mario RPG will take you back a few minutes, but you're looking at around 40 seconds in a game like Super Mario World.

Rewind relies on the same tech that enables save states. The same suspend feature now lets you go through the suspend point like a video, and resume wherever you want.

Watch on YouTube

This feature, as well as the ability to choose different visual frames for the included games, were unveiled at gamescom this morning. The trailer above does a good job of demonstrating both additions.

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is out September 29 worldwide.

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