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Super Mario Galaxy 2 won't be coming to 3DS thanks to "speck" graphics

Super Mario 3D Land director Koichi Hayashida has said Nintendo tested the possibility of bringing Super Mario Galaxy 2 to 3DS, but Mario's size and the game's general mechanics proved prohibitive.

He told IGN: "When we started developing [Super Mario 3D Land], we displayed Super Mario Galaxy 2 on a small TV monitor and found that Mario looked like a speck and that the game was difficult to play.

"This led us to look into the camera and terrain types that would be conducive to playing on a portable screen with a relatively large Mario. If we were making a console game, from the very start, we wouldn't have been thinking about any of those things, and I think the game would have probably been a lot different."

Galaxy 2 came out for Wii in the summer of 2010, and wowed critics enough to land an MC average of 97%.

Super Mario 3D Land has been dubbed by many as the first, original must-have for 3DS, launching this month to land a general score of 90%.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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