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Super-creepy indie Tangiers is the best thing I've seen all day

I want to play Tangiers. Briefly. Before crying and locking it in the freezer.

Tangiers is a new stealth game from indie Andalusian Games. The developer announced a November 16 release for the project this week, as well as a September 3 beta, and produced a new trailer to celebrate this news.

Said trailer popped up in my Twitter feed, at which point I immediately cleared my schedule for it. Look:

Watch on YouTube

According to the game's website, Tangiers is "a horror-tinged stealth game - like Thief, but in a world touched by the surreal and grotesque".

Players explore open sandbox environments, using stealth and strategy to avoid conflict and solve problems. Interestingly, it seems there's a third option: "use language as a weapon; stealing dialogue and using it to manipulate, mislead and control." Oooh.

The player character's arrival in the city of Tangiers triggers "events that are tearing at the fabric of reality", and the world beings to fold in on itself:

"Architecture gets stubborn and refuses to obey the laws of time and space. The civilians, they begin to envy architecture and follow suite. Concrete purgatory becomes hell. Tangiers is travelogue through a world aggressively redefining its state of being."

Yes, I am ready, put it in my life. I've dropped some screens into a gallery below, but itf you're keen it's really worth having a poke round the website for more details - and if you enjoy the music in the trailer you can pay-what-you-want for an EP from BandCamp.

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