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Madden 15 predicts Super Bowl XLIX winner

Like every year, the latest Madden game - in this case Madden NFL 15 - predicts the winner of the Super Bowl. This year isn't any different.

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Update: EA Sports' simulation was eerily accurate, as the Patriots did indeed take down the Seahawks 28-24. The game played out much as Madden 15 suggested, with the Patriots snatching victory back after the Seahawks took an early lead. This is the Madden series' eighth accurate prediction in the space of 11 years.

Despite the Seattle Seahawks leading the first half of the game, Madden 15 predicts The New England Patriots will walk away with the coveted Super Bowl 49 trophy.

According to the game, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be crowned MVP due to a "335 yard, 4-touchdown performance."

This is just a video game, granted, but who are we to judge the process?

Members of the animal kingdom such as sea turtles, porcupines, donkeys and many others over the years have done a rather bang-up job of picking sports winners. Plus, the Madden series record over the last 11 years is 8-3, per Forbes. Not bad at all.

Many animals this year are predicting a Seahawks victory, though, so Madden 15 has a lot of interesting competition in the prediction department.

The Seattle Seahawks will go up against the New England Patriots at NFL Super Bowl XLIX. The biggest sporting event of the year takes place at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and kicks off at 6.30pm on NBC.

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