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Suikoden 3 PEGI rating suggests PS2 Classic re-release

Suikoden. Suikoden 2. And now: Suikoden 3.


Suikoden 3 has been rated by PEGI for PlayStation 3, presumably ahead of an upcoming re-release.

Gematsu turned up the rating, and although we have no further information at this time, it's not much a leap to assume the RPG will turn up as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation Store.

Nothing on ESRB yet, but expect it to pop up on both sides of the pond if it happens at all.

Suikoden is a hands-down fantastic JRPG franchise which has had a rough history. Delayed or non-existent localisations and long periods of unavailability have prevented it a whole generation getting their paws on this classic series.

Happily, that all began to change a few months ago when Konami started bringing the games to the PSN. Both the first two can now be purchased online in both Europe North America, and because they're PSOne Classics, you can play them on your Vita or even PSP as well as PlayStation 3.

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