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Study - Women who play online prefer games to sex

A study, conducted by Doritos which surveyed 2,052 people, has found women who play online games prefer their game to having a bath, shopping, exercising or having sex.

The survey found that 49 percent of women play online games, and 50 percent of men do as well.

It also found that 84 percent enjoy their gaming sessions compared to the 70 percent who enjoy sex. One in five admitted to playing online while in bed. Time for a new partner, apparently.

On average, the study found participants spend an average of 3.5 hours a week playing online, while women spent 23.1 percent gaming online compared to the 22.3 percent spent by males.

Other stats: 62 percent liked to work out; 71 percent liked to shop; and 75 percent enjoyed having a relaxing bath.

The survey was commissioned by Doritos ahead of the launch of Doritos Dip Desperado on Facebook.

Thanks, MCV.

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