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Streaming isn't in Valve's "short-term plans," says the firm

Valve has said it doesn't have plans at present get into the streaming technology business.

Speaking during Develop, the firm's business development director, Jason Holtman, said Valve isn't interesting in being a service similar to Gaikai or OnLive. While Valve find those technologies "really interesting, they're not in our short-term plans. We see lots of advantages in the way games work now," Holtman told Gamespot.

"We love cloud gaming and we think we do it already… you can think of it as just a way of using a back-end structure [for gaming]," added Team Fortress 2 designer Robin Walker who said Steam already delivers a cloud-style service.

"We're not so excited by distribution. We're excited by a change in customer experience… the exciting thing about Steam is that we can deliver new experiences, iterate on our games much faster."

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