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Stellaris mod with "disturbing elements" pulled from Steam Workshop

Paradox has put its foot down.


Stellaris mod with "distrubing elements" pulled from Steam Workshop

Someone put together a Stellaris mod which replaced the vanilla game's diverse, multi-cultural human cast with all-white characters, for some reason.

Although the mod doesn't exactly match up with Paradox's own values, the developer would probably have been comfortable taking a "you do you" attitude if the mod's Steam Workshop page hadn't begun to host unacceptable comments.

"We saw the mod, thought it wasn't in very good taste, but let it remain," a community manager said on Reddit. However, when the mod's description was updated with content Paradox considers unacceptable, the company "decided it was a step too far and removed it".

In a second post, the same community manager said the removal wasn't about "push[ing] political agendas" but to distance itself from "several disturbing elements" which Paradox "does not want to have clearly displayed on our product page".

Paradox COO Susana Meza Graham provided a followup statement on Twitlonger.

"It would appear that the comments surrounding the mod, rather than the mod itself, were the biggest problem," she said in a statement published via

"We welcome everyone to create all kind of mods for us as long as they comply with our rules of conduct and we expect our modders to help us keep the comment sections free of any racial slurs or other things that do not comply with these same codes."

Details of what exactly it was Paradox deemed unacceptable are not available right now, but Graham said that Paradox has only "a few rules of conduct" it has held to over the years, uncluding "racial slurs, among other things, are not allowed" - which gives you an idea of what might have raised the company's ire.

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