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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is nearly finished

Capcom's Kinect showcase is closing in on the finishing line at last.

Andriasang reports Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was featured as part of Microsoft's Xbox 360 anniversary event this weekend, having been last seen behind closed doors at Tokyo Game Show 2011.

While no new footage was shown, producers Kenji Kataoka and Tatsuya Kitabayashi reportedly hinted that the game is nearing completion, and is expected to go gold soon.

Despite the long silences, and the game's failure to appear as expected at some trade events, Kataoka said development is proceeding nicely.

Heavy Armor: Steel Battalion is the long-overdue followup to an Xbox title which required a massive, expensive controller. This new version, a joint product of Capcom and Armored Core developer From Software, uses a standard controller in addition to Kinect.

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