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SteamOS weekend sale has plenty of goodies for the rest of us

SteamOS may be beyond your grasp right now, but you can still enjoy a bargain in the sale.

SteamOS is Valve's own Linux-based operating system, designed for Steam Machine hardware. A couple of these beasts are available now, with many more launching in November 2015, along with Steam's own controller and the Steam Link in-home game streaming box.

For some reason (maybe to encourage hardware pre-orders?) Valve is throwing a SteamOS sale right now, even though most of us are probably just using bog standard Windows and OS-X boxes. But there's no need to feel left out: all of the games on sale will work just fine with either operating system (a few of them are Windows or Windows and Mac exclusive, actually).

Images of the discounts on offer are arranged below. Visit Steam to take advantage.



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