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Steam Summer Sale day nine – FEAR 3, Deus Ex, Crysis 2, more discounted

It's Friday, and time for another update to the Steam Summer Sale. Today, there's discounts on titles such as - well, you saw the title - but there's more as well. Hit up the break for a quick look, or head over to Steam to decide what you'll be spending money on today.

Discounts today include:

  • FEAR 3 -75% off
  • Driver: San Francisco - 75% off
  • Crysis 2- 70% off
  • CIV V- 75% off
  • Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad- 75% off
  • Deux Ex: Human Revolution- 75% off
  • Indie Bundle IX- 75% off
  • Dungeon Defenders- 75% off
  • Magicka- 75% off

Flash sales, which will change in a bit, include: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, LIMBO, Far Cry 2, and Crusader Kings II.

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