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Steam purchases now refundable for 14 days in the European Union

Steam has updated its subscriber agreement, amending its refund policy in Europe.


As spotted by Reddit user punikun, Steam now offers subscribers in the European Union a 14 day period in which to obtain a no-questions-asked refund on purchases made through the service.

Here's the legalese, direct from Steam:

If you are an EU subscriber, you have the right to withdraw from a purchase transaction for digital content without charge and without giving any reason for a duration of fourteen days or until Valve's performance of its obligations has begun with your prior express consent and your acknowledgment that you thereby lose your right of withdrawal, whichever happens sooner. Therefore, you will be informed during the checkout process when out performance starts and asked to provide your prior express content to the purchase being final.

There's also a bit in there about New Zealand.

Steam's reluctance to give refunds is one of the major reasons Valve has acquired such a bad reputation for customer service. In many territories, Valve is subject to local consumer laws, but the terms of service don't acknowledge it, leaving many users to misunderstand their rights.

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