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Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition - here's some cool demos you need to try

Demos upon demos upon demos.

Steam Next Fest kicked off earlier this week, and there are tons of indie demos ready for you to download and play.

Steam Next Fest: February 2023 Edition runs through February 13 and alongside demos, developers are taking part in livestreams to discuss their upcoming releases.

There are also chats with the devs themselves, and this will continue for the duration.

Demos are available for such titles as Bramble The Mountain King. Inspired by Nordic fables, in it, you play as Olle, whom ventures through a dangerous land filled with horrible creatures to save his sister from a troll. There's also Builders of Greece, a city management game where your strategic and economic mastery will be put to the test and there's also a demo for the cinematic puzzle adventure Planet of Lana. This lovely game has been on our radar for a while, and is framed by an epic sci-fi saga stretching across centuries and galaxies. The game stars a young girl and her loyal friend Mui who are on a rescue mission to save her sister. Then, there's the interesting looking Dark and Darker, which is a fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure. Here, you and your friends must use your courage, wits, and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, and defeat gruesome monsters, while staying one step ahead of other treasure-hunters.

Bramble: The Mountain King - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

You can also try out Darkest Dungeon 2. The roguelike sequel has you forming a party before setting off across a decaying landscape on a quest to avert the apocalypse. Voidtrain: Stolen Treasure finds you as a crew member of an Interdimensional Express Train traveling through mysterious places full of equally mysterious creatures and enemies. You can Upgrade and customize your train, gather new materials to build better weapons, and play solo or online сo-op with up to four people. You should also give the Sons of Valhalla a try. It is a combat and base-building game set in the Viking Age, where you build fortresses and lay siege to enemy strongholds. Gather your warriors, board longboats, and engage in personal combat as you raid and conquer across England. The colorful and rather neat looking Fabledom demo is another you should try. It takes place in a fairytale world and is a rather laid-back city builder. You can also give Wandering Sword a try. The Chinese martial arts RPG has you play a young swordsman destined to become a great hero caught up in a feud. It has a nice pixel art look to it.

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System Shock has a new demo out, as does the post-apocalyptic city builder Infection Free Zone. In it, take charge of a group of survivors to rebuild buildings to create a self-sustaining settlement. When night falls, defend the zone from the infected. What's cool, is that you can play any city in the world thanks to real-world geographical data. Those who like strategy games, and looking for something a bit different, should check out King's Orders. The simplified historical strategy game has you commanding armies by sending letters with orders. Messengers with letters travel the land and can be lost or intercepted. Generals execute orders once received and send you reports in the same dangerous way. Another demo you should take a look at is for the fast-paced time management game Delivery Inc. In it, you will build a fleet of vehicles and drivers to make deliveries before a customer's patience runs out. You will play in many different cities thanks to the game's use of real-world map data. You can also try out the casual arcade game Sorted, which has you sorting trash, or give the single-player, open-world action roguelike Ravenbound a go.

Voidtrain: Stolen Treasure - Trailer

There's a demo for Teslagrad 2 available, the lofi world of Bleak Sword DX beckoning, the decaying memories of a detective in The Last Case of Benedict Fox, the twin-stick shooter metroidvania Rusted Moss, you can download a demo for narrative crafting RPG Book of Hours, get your kicks on Route 66 with car builder and travel game Route 66 Simulator, try your had at an authentic survival experience titled The Last Plague: Blight, enjoy a 2D adventure game with hand-drawn characters and various types of puzzles called Ogu and the Secret Forest, there's the rather dark action-platfotrmerNocturnal to try, you can give cyberpunk-styled action roguelite ArcRunner a go, or head down the spooky route with psychological horror game The Shivers.

Townseek announcement trailer

Survival city builder Oxygen has you forming a community centered around an Oxygen Center in a post-apocalyptic future, God of Rock is an interesting competitive rhythm-fighting game hybrid, there's the visual novel NecroNomNomNom: Eldritch Horror Dating, horsey farming sim The Ranch of Rivershine, and you can explore a gorgeous hand-drawn world in the exploration, management, and trading game Townseek.

That's just a slice of what's on offer. Head over to Steam and look through the demos because, surely, there is something to tempt you.

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