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Valve releases first batch of Steam Labs experiments

Experimental features in the works at Steam can be tried by users thanks to a new feature called Steam Labs.

Valve announced Steam Labs today along with three work-in-progress experiments: Automatic Show, Micro Trailers , and the Interactive Recommender.

Each of the experiments in Steam Labs are a way for users to test experiments and provide feedback  which could "help shape the future of Steam."

Here's a rundown of the experiments launching today:

  • Automated Show - A half-hour video featuring the latest Steam launches.
  • Micro Trailers - Six-second game trailers arranged on a page which can be seen at a glance. Micro trailer collections showing off  adventure games, RPGs, builders, and more are available to watch upon now.
  • The Interactive Recommender - This experiment looks at your top-played games and uses machine learning to recommend other titles you might enjoy. For example: it can be directed to popular titles released in the past ten years, or niche games launched in the past six months.

To try these new experiments out log into your Steam account, give them a go, and share your feedback.


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