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Steam Greenlight fans are enthusiastic about Rock Simulator 2014

Steam Community members are a funny lot and their apparently burning need for a game about looking at rocks is only the latest manifestation of that.


Rock Simulator 2014 is a Steam Greenlight Concept which enables players to "watch beautiful rocks in any location in the world".

The first development update reveals there'll be a little more to the game than staring at rocks in "dozens of hand designed BEAUTIFUL environments". Players can enjoy "mini games where you play as a rock, such as a rock tumbling down and hill and having you avoid obstacles".

Yes, I think I understand. I also understand the perverse humour that pervades the gaming community - particularly on PC - and which has drawn significant attention to what you might have thought was a joke, or simply an amazing disaster waiting to happen

Since the project's launch on June 22, Rock Simulator 2014 has attracted a five star rating from Steam Greenlight users, and is quite high up the concept page. The developer claims the project was "#69 on Greenlight" as of June 24 but I have suspicions about that particular number - especially as highlighting your position in the charts is an excellent way to attract press coverage.

Nevertheless it seems there is a hunger for rock simulation games. Although, as CVG Australia's Shaun Prescott observed:

Excellent point, that man.

Thanks, PCGamer.

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