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Star Wars: Battle Pod - home version of the arcade game can be yours for $35,000

A home version of Star Wars: Battle Pod, the aerial battle arcade game from Namco Bandai, has been announced and it's rather expensive.

Granted, any game contained within an arcade cabinet isn't cheap, and while this one in particular is rather special, it will run you $35,000/£24,000 plus shipping.

The home version is made-to-order and contains genuine leather seats synchronized to move and react to the action of the game. It is also available in two different versions to showcase the customer's personal allegiance: Rebel Alliance or Darth Vader - which is the coolest of the two in this lady's opinion.

It will also contain the owners name along with a product serial number engraved plate on a side plate, a "specially bound owner’s manual" and exclusive carpeting. Owners will even have their name added to the game ending credits.

Further purchasing details will be announced after mid-June on the Star Wars: Battle Pod official website, but prospective buyers can pre-purchase the arcade unit starting June 18.

Star Wars: Battle Pod arrives in arcades in North America, Europe and Japan back in January.


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