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Star Trek: Paramount keen to avoid stigma of movie licenses

Star Trek: The Video game launches in April, and license-holder Paramount has stressed that it won't be another shoddy cash-in. The company has said it learned a great deal from previous licensed disasters.

Speaking with Eurogamer Paramount's Brian Miller explained that the company was well aware of terrible movie games, and that it used this knowledge to avoid common pitfalls.

Said Miller, "Our goal was to make the most authentic Star Trek game we could. We're not a licensed game - we're funding this and making this ourselves. A traditional licensed game, you get a licensor and say they'll give you some money to make the game. This is a game that we're making in-house, and it's been funded by Paramount Pictures from day one."

The game has been farmed out to Darkess 2 studio Digital Extremes, and looks set to deliver a barrage of third-person cover shooting and co-op shenanigans.

"There's a lot of stigma to movie-based games and there have been some that have done it well", Miller continued. "But the majority haven't lived up to expectations, and that was something that we've been cautious of since the day we started making this game."

What do you think of Star Trek: The Video Game so far? Does it appear to skirt around licensed game problems, or are you uninspired? Let us know below.

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