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Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets pre-TGS story detail

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1UP's posted more from today's issue of Famitsu, this time translating a bunch of story information on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Apparently:

Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji, two childhood friends, are members of this elite team, with more characters joining them later on. Two new party members were introduced this week: Faize Sheifa Beleth, a rapier-wielding 18-year-old from planet Elder who's cool, emotionless, and resembles a Japan-designed, blond-haired Mr. Spock; and Lymle Remli Phi, a villager from planet Remlik who's gifted in magic and looks like a prepubescent young girl even though she's 15 years old -- not because the character designer's a perv, but because some incident in her past caused enough emotional trauma that she hasn't matured correctly. (Both of these characters' native planets are new to the Star Ocean universe, and presumably we'll be visiting both of 'em as the game goes on.)

Loads more through there. The Square RPG's a 360-exclusive (so far) heading west next year. It'll be shown in more detail at TGS later this month.

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