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Star Citizen players can now pre-purchase a land claim for $50-$100, or just wait and spend UEC

Star Citizen players are now able to claim land which which has been zoned for commercial, residential or industrial use.

The latest crowdfunding option for Star Citizen is now available to players, allowing them to claim a parcel of space to call their very own.

Players will be able to stake a claim to a single 4km x 4km or 8km x 8km piece controlled by the UEE, and there are billions of square kilometers to choose from. These options are available over many asteroids, planets and moons and as more Star Systems are introduced and explored, all players will have the opportunity to call a place home.

This will provide everyone with the option to stake a claim related to playstyle. Prefer to remain close to resources?
Stake a claim with your Beacon. Want to be closer to trade routes? There's a place to stake a claim near those too.

At present, only certificates of claim are purchasable, and will run players $50 or $100 in order to continue funding development. Those who opt out of a monetary purchase will be able to claim licenses using in-game credits. The 4km x 4km claims are considered lots and 8km x 8km are considered estates, this the price difference.

After land claims are live, players who pre-purchased claims can start looking for areas to choose alongside those who opted out. No one will be able to claim a parcel of land before the mechanic is made available. Roberts Space Industries said this will ensure everyone is on "equal footing" whether they purchased the claim with real money or used UEC.

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You can read all about the new feature in a Q&A posted on the official website.

Star Citizen’s Kickstarter campaign began in 2012, with Chris Roberts and company seeking $500,000 in funding. It made over $2 million through the platform, and continues its crowdfunding efforts through the official website.

In January 2017, players had tossed $141 million at Star Citizen, and as of press time, the figure now stands at $168,445,322.

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